Dealy · @DealyOCE

10th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

Taboo Resignation

Some of you may know already so here we go. Since Taboo's season end and losing 3 members I have been thinking and making my decision on my future within the team. A lot of thought went into my resignation, as GiU/Taboo is home and has been since joining the team.
As of today I will no longer be branding the Taboo name and will be taking steps towards my future. For now I will 100 percent be staying within the R6 community competing, just under what brand is unknown at this moment in time.
If you think you would like to trial for my position in Taboo i encourage you to approach crude and give it your all. You wont regret it as he has helped develop me into the player i am and knows how to get a team working together.
Lastly a massive thank you to Artemis and the Taboo organisation for the support i have received during my time and hopefully we can meet again in the future <3

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