As weve been the longest standing roster in competitive Heroes I feel like I should give a statement regarding the Team Liquid situation from my point of view.

Most people always viewed us as the rocksolid and unemotional germans who just show consistent and strong results but thats not completely true.
At least 3 players in this roster - me included - are very emotional. We always needed a lot of hype and positive energy in comms and we usually created that atmosphere - especially in 2016.
2017 was a very rough and disappointing year for us. Although we were not new to frustrating situations I feel like we handled them very poorly in comparison to how we did in 2016.

Bad play in practice and a poor practice environment led to a lot of negative energy within the team in HGC 2017 phase 1 part 2.
At that time we ragequit a lot of scrims within a couple of minutes, blamed eachother/commented on eachothers mistakes and started to lose trust in eachother.
This dragged all of us down to the point where even the most positive players in the team started to tilt and show their frustration.
I believe for most players it was a pain to stand up for scrims every morning but we still forced ourselves to work hard and got our scrim hours in everyday.
We probably should have realized that we needed a break or a coach to help us as scrimming under those conditions was almost useless.

The lack of good practice started to show in the HGC results and although we started the first part with a record of 7-0 we ended up not qualifying for mid season brawl.
I feel like we never fully recovered from that as it dragged all of us down. There was so much frustration and negative energy within the team and we did not do enough to solve that issue in summer.
We should have had open feedback on eachothers performance and mentality back then and it might have been enough to save the roster, but we did those talks way too late in october this year.
We decided to get a coach, which was a good move. Zoos helped us a lot and we had a performance boost starting off phase 2 part 1 with a 3-0 vs dig and a 2-3 vs fnatic, which was by no means a bad result considering fnatic just won MSB.
Unfortunately this boost was not enough.
Some unfortunate health issues and poor scrims after losing to fnatic dragged us back down into our hole and we played a very bad set in week 2 losing to Tricked 0-3.
From there on it was just a rollercoaster. We fixed some issues but faced old issues again and again. We failed to create the necessary atmosphere for the team to work and had trouble finding our style in the meta.
We played poorly in scrims and never regained the trust that we needed to have in eachother in order to teamfight like people remembered us to in 2016. We stood very spread, didnt communicate well and it felt like everyone was playing his own game.
With the rest of the scene improving at a very fast rate and us, not only stagnating in our vicious circle but also getting worse in terms of synergy, we couldnt compete with the top 3 EU teams anymore.

I know a lot of Liquid fans want us to stick together, but after talking openly as a team and with the liquid management it became clear that the team will not work like this anymore.
We learned from our mistakes but we need a fresh start into 2018. Darkmok and I will not be in the Liquid starting roster for 2018 - Splendour and Hasuobs will build the core of the new Team Liquid.

Although I talked a lot about the issues we faced in 2017 I am very grateful for the time we had together. Thank you to the fans who supported us on our road and the organizations that enabled us to do what we love.
We raised from an underdog team that qualified for Katowice 2016 in the last chance qualifier to a consistent top3 european team for almost 1,5 years.
We peaked at early summer 2016 as EU champions and made top 4 at globals in Sweden being the first western team to take a map off a korean team that year, showing that the gap was closing.
We played 13 games straight at gamescom 2016 and barely failed to qualify for blizzcon, but we didnt give up! We won nexus games, prepared our european brothers from Fnatic for Blizzcon and watched them make history by beating MVP black in semifinals.
We fought our way through 2017 and brought Team Liquid back into the scene.

I am proud of the team and what we achieved and thats how I will remember us. Darkmok - the guy who wants to keep wrath up all game when playing Sonya, Hasu - the teams dad, Nurok - the guy who makes everyone laugh with his comments and Splendour - the guy who keeps calling me on Discord when were talking on teamspeak.
I wish my teammates all the best moving onwards and I am sure the fresh start will help us all to get back on the road to success!

But what will I do?
I have learned a lot, not only about the game but also about myself!
I believe that I would be very valuable - not only as a player but also as a coach as I:
1. have a lot competitive experience and a strong strategical understanding of the game
2. know what is important for a team to succeed and stay at the top
3. have an easy time assessing players characters and making sure everyone feels comfortable within a team

Lets see what rosterpocalypse brings and how tryouts go. I am sure 2018 will be a great year for me, whatever I decide to do.

Darkmok and I are no longer part of Team Liquid - Hasu and Splendour build the core of the new Team Liquid. Rosterpocalypse will decide what I do in 2018.

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