Thank you TyLoo and a new chapter begins with Heroic

Its been 6 months since I joined TyLoo and even tho we didnt participate in that many tournaments so we couldnt really get big offline results,
I believe one of our main goals as a team was to gain experience by practicing in Europe, getting rid of some bad habits and also mixing it up their original style with a European / NA style of approaching CS. We went through a lot of things
to be able to succeed in that sense and now I am able to say that TyLoo is a lot more experienced and prepared team in a lot of aspects.

This period was kind of a Trial for both parts to see what we would be able to and achieve as a team, the main goals were clearly to practice as much as we could in europe to gain
experience and to qualify for the next major qualifier, we achieved both and I am extremely proud of our work as a team.

Due to the huge difference in style and mainly the language barrier, it took us longer than expected to adapt and also there was a lot of confusing moments for all of us,
after SL-i Shanghai, we sit down to talk and made a conclusion that mainly because of the language barrier it was way too hard for us to be able to fix everything
and continue working together, which I totally understood and agreed, this period was probably the hardest job I ever had in my life (not only counting CS) personally it cost me lots of
nights with barely no sleep, stress being away from family for too long and not being able to fully communicate and share my thoughts w the guys, our csgo manager and translator "Jack" together with Kindy (tyloo`s manager) both did a really good job filling that gap but still, it was way too hard during matches without a translator for them to understand some of my thoughts and for us to be on the same page as a team.

Despite all this, I would like to thank TyLoo as an organization together with players for everything we did, it was a tough period but I am extremely proud of all of you and wish nothing but the best for the future.

Cant forget to send a warm hug for all the chinese fans for being so supportive with the team during this period and for the amount of love they always gave to me and the team.

Xiexie and I will see you again.

Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu

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