My departure from JAM

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to inform everyone about my departure from JAM Gaming, and how I’ve been released early from my agreement. I’d also like to expand on my time with an organisation within the FGC, and esports, and how the experience was overall.

At the time of signing with JAM, I was undefeated in Injustice 2. While this doesn’t hold too much merit, it’s something I worked tirelessly to uphold, and I was met with the chance to be in an esports team with other FG players. The concept of rivaling my good friend Tas (Waz), and the entire Dark Sided squad with the JAM FGC squad, was something I was really looking forward to.

A good while into the Injustice 2 grind, I started getting really burnt out. I was playing around 6 hours a day, so it was definitely becoming tiring. I spent a lot of my ‘down’ time playing Leagues of Legends with friends. That was my escape and recreational activity. Probably seems a little odd to say that playing a game is an escape to playing a game. I expressed to Chris Bridle that I was losing passion for Injustice 2. I was undefeated still, I couldn’t afford to attend any big South East Asian or North American tournaments (which I could never expect an org to cover), and I began to feel that Injustice 2 was becoming a contractual obligation only, and not an enjoyment anymore. I promised to Chris I’d complete all of my contractual obligations with Injustice, because I wanted to maintain integrity amongst the org, and esports, but also because I wasn’t sure if this was just a phase - something that’d pass.

When the Pax $20k was announced, it lit the flame for me again, and I jumped straight back into my practice regime again. Doing huge sets against Waz most nights, whilst also pursuing Leagues of Legends too. I grinded hard for Pax, and placed 4th. I’m proud regardless. You can’t win them all. Shortly after, Gamestah’s INJUSTAH series finals approached, and I finished 2nd. During this period, all the details for SXC were released, and seeing Injustice 2 get a $1k pot bonus, and having the confirmed killers attend was so refreshing to see for the final (potentially biggest) FGC major of the year (for NRS).

I saw the other JAM FGC players had been booked for SXC, so I asked Chris about my itinerary, and was met with a response of:

Contractual wording, clauses, and obligations aside, my JAM experience has been super poor. Throughout my time in JAM, I’ve always been transparent about my slump with Injustice. I am disappointed that I won’t be able to attend SXC now, and I can’t help but think finishing 4th and 2nd recently has contributed to this decision from Chris - regardless if it’s the case. I was promised that JAM was a big family, yet no rosters ever interacted with each other, Chris didn’t attend most YSBs or OHN, and only took a short minute to introduce himself at Pax. This contract was supposed to finish later in the year (after SXC), so I’m disappointed that my contract was terminated without any consultation with me, or without the agreement even containing a clause that allows Chris to do this. I really hoped my first esports org experience would have been better.

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