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6th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

Leaving FUTWIZ and Pro FIFA

As you can tell by now i have decided to resign from team FUTWIZ and quit pro fifa altogether as i am really not enjoying playing anymore aswell as to be able to focus on my personal life and career alot more.

FIFA 18 In my opinion is severely flawed and broken in so many ways that it is a long way off being an esport game and i believe it has taken a step back from FIFA 17 which showed huge promise not only gameplay wise, but also on the competitive side. This year, games feel so much less in your control and the AI have definitely had apart of their brains removed. I can sit here and talk about how many things are wrong with this game but im sure you all feel the same way and don't need me explaining it, i've just had enough and decided it is not worth my time anymore to be stressing over this game week in, week out. As sad as it sounds, yes this game (17 and 18) did take over my life and really started to affect my personal life (work, study and relationship) due to the amount of time you'd have to play to try to be one of the best. Even though i'd try to balance it out, the 40 games alone each weekend will definitely take a huge toll on anyones life and i just dont want to commit to that anymore. I believe the current structure of FUT Champs is doomed for failure in the long term as more and more casuals aswell as Pro's will eventually get completely fed up with the weekly games which feels alot more like a chore now, especially with the broken gameplay and not to mention the horrendous server issues. Many people who have played almost every weekend in 17 have already called it quits in 18 because they've realised during the few weeks/months downtime before the release of 18, really how much it takes away from their weekend and life in general, i know i have.

Aside from that, i'd like to thank FUTWIZ and Dan in particular for everything they've done for me, it really was a drean to sign and represent them and im sure i've never met someone so kind and genuine as Dan is and he was always amazing and supportive towards me and all the rest of the FUTWIZ boys. I'll never forget the memories i've made in FIFA 17, placing 2nd on ps4 in season 2, all the amazing people i met in Canada and Qatar and i will surely never forget the experiences and memories we created there with the rest of the boys, and for this, i'd like to thank EA for making it possible.

Lastly, i'd like to thank everyone who has followed me and shown an interest in my play and what i get up to in FIFA in general, i really did appreciate the support. I will still be apart of the community but i will now be playing ALOT more casually and will try to enjoy fifa as i once did before, as a game. Take care guys ❤️

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