.@NRGgg and @SFshock esports manager @Hotaruz (Max Bateman) sexually assaulted me.
Being best friends with someone means trusting them with your entire heart. It seems so surreal to be putting this out into the world, I never thought that this would happen to me, especially by one of my closest friends. I'm embarrassed to admit this happened to me even though I know I shouldn't be. Since we were so close we happen to have a lot of mutual friends and I'm posting this in hopes it doesn't happen to anyone else. Max and I were very close. We did pretty much everything together. In the past we had been to events, shared hotel rooms and he's never crossed any boundaries before. On September 30th Max and I were out at a beach club drinking with some of the NRGgg Overwatch players. I had a normal amount of drinks and started to feel sick which wasn't normal. The last one I had was made by Max. I started to feel dizzy, confused, and started to dry-heave. That's when Max suggested we should just leave so we Ubered back to Max's place to get my house keys. He was supposed to drive me home after I had gotten my keys. Next thing I remember is falling asleep on Max's couch and woke up because I was coughing up saliva/blood. I went into his room to lay down. He was in there playing games on his computer and left to go clean up the couch. After he was finished he came back into the room and played games for a couple more hours. At this point I was in and out of consciousness. I remember Max laying next to me but didn't think anything of it because we've shared a bed in the past and nothing's happened.That's when he sexually assaulted me. In my mind I knew what was happening wasn't right but I couldn't move. I was frozen. After I woke up I got my keys from his car and he dropped me off at home. A few days after I started remembering more of what happened I confronted him through text-messages and told him what happened the other night wasn't okay- that we were friends and nothing more. He even admits what he did wasn't right and that I never gave him permission to do this in any way. I filed a police report after but I was told there wasn't enough proof/evidence. When Max was called in to give a statement he was a no-show to the detective and texted me asking if we could solve this between us. Sexual assault is a serious issue and an act of violence. It's more common than we think and some people are too scared or ashamed to say anything; OR some people think nothing wrong had happened because you were dating or best friends. People who had it happen to them shouldn't be afraid of speaking up.

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