[TRANS] Side Stories. Nikkei Entertainment Tohoshinki

Q. What kind of music do you listen to lately?
YH: These days, I listen to OST of Korean and American dramas. It is quite random. I enjoy figuring out why they chose this song for this story.
CM: I like listening to neo soul music. The one I listened to lately after a while and thought that it was really good is, D’Angelo. Also these days I am into PJ Morton who plays keyboard in Maroon 5.

Q. Which book did you read lately?
CM: I read a book titled like “I think too much*”, it is about psychology. “Is it about you?...” a friend of mine gave it to me as a gift (laugh).
*note: I think too much, how to channel this invasive mind by Christel Petitcollin
YH: I read about biography of Saint-Exupéry who authored The Little Prince. The other books is originally published in Japan. It is about learning about communication through the conversation between Confucius and his pupils in Analects. It is a complicated book.

Q. Yunho mentioned before that he applied for a patent of a product which he and his friends invented together, and to our surprise, it was patented. I asked Yunho, whether he continues to be interested in invention..
YH: Yes, lately, we are doing a lot of things through mobile device. The one we got patented, we were able to make the product in the States and I got some % of money! Well, if I start talking about this, I can’t stop.. so perhaps I will talk about this in the next opportunity.. (laugh).
Changmin was right next to Yunho and listening to this..
CM: I did not know about it at all!

Q. They drank together only three days ago.
YH: This guy can drink a lot! (laugh). I also can drink.. these days I love drinking wines.
Q. Have you talked a lot when you were getting drank?
CM: It does not matter whether we are having drinks or not. No matter what, we talk a lot..
Changmin looked a bit apologetic and said so as if it is not a big deal..
Sorry! I asked you such a silly question ^^

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