Recognition and Recompense

In light of recent events, I would like to clear the air.

To start with, to those inferring that I’m going to physically harm somebody in any way is wholly incorrect. No casters, streamers, or anyone for that matter will ever be in danger in my presence at a LAN or anywhere else. During my conversations on Twitter, I was simply implying that it would be easier to have a conversation with someone face to face instead of sending short messages back and forth to each other in a public forum. There is only so much emotion I can convey in 140 characters, and it’s not something that I excel at.

This perception of violence may have come out due to my criminal past, which is something I am neither proud of, nor have I attempted to hide from anyone. If you’ve listened to me cast over the past few years, you are very likely already aware that I have been to prison. I’ve never condoned or sensationalized this, and it’s been almost 20 years since these charges took place. I am a completely different man now, and am open to talking about and explaining any of the charges if it is of interest to anyone.

When this all started, I simply had the best of intentions in defending one of my clients, and felt a certain loyalty to them since they’ve never wronged me in the past. In hindsight, and as other allegations came to light in regards to our now ex-client, Morior Invictus, I quickly realized this was a mistake, and apologize to anyone who has gotten hurt or been offended during this time. I did not handle my discussions in the appropriate manner, and for this I am sorry.

In addition, I want to clarify that I’m not associated with or invested with Morior Invictus, nor PZLA, in any way. I know there has been some confusion in the last 24 hours, but I am not PZLA, and we are entirely different people.

For those wondering why I deleted my twitter, it is because I started to receive personal threats to the safety of myself and my family due to the fact that my personal information was made public on Reddit by a former volunteer for CSGM. People started to post pictures of my house on Twitter, threatened to SWAT me, and some even said they were going to kill me on sight. These are very real threats to me, and it’s something that I felt I had to try to remediate as quickly as possible.

To note though, CSGM isn’t about me. It’s about being a platform for up and coming casters to establish themselves in this industry, and make a name for themselves. I’m still working hard towards making this a reality, which cannot be achieved without all of the talented casters and producers working at CSGM.

TL;DR: I’m not going to harm anyone physically in any way, I have a criminal past that I’m not proud of, and I received threats due to my personal information being posted by a former volunteer of CSGM on Reddit. I reacted poorly on Twitter, I am not affiliated with Morior Invictus or PZLA in any way, and I just want CSGM to continue being a great platform for talented people to springboard off of.

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