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'Meloholic' is a "sweet and savage love fantasy" about a man with supernatural ability who is incapable of having relationships and a woman with a dual personality who is unable to have relationships. U-Know Yunho plays the role of Yoo Eun Ho who is a returning student that is known as a legend for rescuing men through his supernatural ability of being able to read women's thoughts. Kyung Soojin plays Han Yeri/Han Juri, who is a woman with a dual personality.

Writer Park Soyoung introduced the work by saying, "Meloholic is a romantic comedy which once you fall, you will be unable to part from it," and "Through an unusual circumstance, the characters meet, and with courage, love and conquer their destinies."

Actor Jung Yunho, not K-pop star U-Know Yunho revealed, "I worked hard to be a fill (the role) with the charms of a man's responsibility to be able to love regardless of how he changes even as he matures," and "When you watch Eun Ho, he is pure and for me as well, as I have such a side, when I portray him as he is in that way, I hope it shows."

On playing the "nerd" that was shown in the earlier part (of the press conference when the teasers were shown), Jung Yunho explained, "Actually, I am nerdy by nature," arousing laughter at his remarks. "More than anything, I think it is the part where I am nerdy (t/n: meaning focused like a nerd would be) about one girl, the part where he is as direct as he is pure. I think that part makes him a charming character."

On this drama Jung Yunho described it as "a genre that is more exciting as it goes from a sweet romance to a thriller," saying it is "a drama that can offer emotion and little bits of fun. Kyung Soojin added, "it is a complex genre that even has fantasy added into it. When getting close to the personalities, (we) worked hard to approach them realistically."

That day, Jung Yunho on a question about his relationship style in real life, said " I prefer not to (hear) the words "good at relationships". I really don't know. Just like the character of Yoo Eun Ho, because of liking (someone), I want to show all that I can do, sometimes when it does not come through (i.e. other party fails to understand it), I get really sad; sometimes when I think I know too much, I also think it is not interesting," and "For those parts, I tried to fuse a lot of them into the character of Eun Ho. When you see the character of Eun Ho, I will be thankful if you think, so Yunho is that kind of kid."

In addition, on the question of "in the teaser video, there's a part where it says 'You don't know women', have you heard such a question before?", U-Know Yunho said, "I have heard it before," evoking laughter at his words.

On the planned airing via mobile (oksusu) and broadcast (OCN), the producers emphasised it was a "cross-platform drama". Writer Park Soyoung described it as "from the start, it was planned as a cross-platform work. Although it is a complex genre, there will be slight differences from the broadcast-content and the mobile-content. If there are little parrts which you're wondering about when you watch the broadcast, you will be able to understand it from the web (mobile), and if there are points you are curious about from (watching on) the web, you will be able to confirm it on broadcast. If you watch the drama from the two channels, I think it will be more enjoyable."

Meloholic will air first on November 1st at 10am on oksusu and then on OCN Channel on November 6th at 9PM every Monday and Tuesday.
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