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31st Oct 2017 from TwitLonger

Very quick update regarding upcoming #Solus 4

Very quick update regarding upcoming Solus 4 (sorry they've been sparse!):

- We're planning a Budgie 10 QoL update to merge Stefan Ric's work on the tasklist improvements (and other small bits) to give it some much needed love!
- MATE edition will get some love and brought in line to be consistent with the other editions (gonna make it pretty!)
- We'll have a new Software Center release to address some basic usability issues like lack of queuing/cruddy navigation/lack of translations as well as snapd support
- We're working to improve the NVIDIA situation and investigating a switch to libglvnd, enabling of wayland-egl/eglstreams, etc.
- We're planning on turning Wayland support back on in Solus
- We've moved back to open drivers to allow Ikey to further research NVIDIA Optimus (links into the libglvnd switch) - We have no timeline on this but we're actively looking into it!
- Solus 4 ISOs will see the Intel 2D XOrg driver restored by default.
In addition:
- Ikey will be carving time out to work on Budgie 11 in parallel to other tasks from now on so we'll start developing that constantly now.
- These aren't yet all the facts, we'll keep you in the loop!

Relevant NVIDIA issue:

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