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29th Oct 2017 from TwitLonger

My account of what happened at Canada Cup and my thoughts

First of all I want to thank everyone for the words of support as it means a lot to me during this tough time. A lot of people have been asking me about my account of the incident at Canada Cup and my thoughts. I wanted to give it a little time since I was still fuming yesterday. I woke up today and I’m still pissed off so I might as well just get this out.

So I was in pool 8 and won 4 straight matches to win the pool, including Quackbot in my third match and Joe P in the finals. From there, I was already prepping to play Justin for winners top 8. Just before top 16 began, one of the TOs came up to me and told me I might have to play my matches again since Quackbot entered the tournament twice. I went outside and found Quackbot with a Capcom rep and the tournament staff dealing with the situation. After some back and forth banter, the Capcom rep told me since I won the pool, nothing should change on my end and I’ll move on as originally intended. I think “okay great” and I go back to the ballroom to resume mental preparation to fight Justin.

Later, the Capcom rep and tournament staff get me again and tell me that I have to replay my bracket starting in the semis after all. At this point, I start pleading my case. The TOs and Capcom rep tell me that it wouldn’t be fair to the people quackbot beat and that they didn’t want to make it look like they were showing me preferential treatment. A couple of alternate scenarios were proposed, most of them met with either laziness or double standards by the staff. Fchamp suggested they keep me in winners top 16 as intended and move on with the losers bracket where they found the spike, the staff argued it wouldn’t be fair to the people who lost to quackbot. However, when James Chen suggested if I win my semifinals match, I move on regardless since I beat Joe P in winners finals anyway, the staff shot that down with no explanation or reason. In the end, I was given an ultimatum to either replay the bracket or walk out. Left with no choice I end up replaying my matches. I win my semifinals match and then lose to Joe P in a close one in the runback. Yup, in the course of an hour, I had all my hard work I put in taken from me.

Regarding the involved parties, ive spoken to them all individually.

Quackbot knows he fucked up and there’s nothing I can say now that hasn’t already been said. He’s already answering for his actions and I’ll leave it at that.

Joe P felt really bad and I told him it wasn’t his fault and he was pretty much doing what he should in the given situation.

The Capcom rep and Canada Cup staff were faced with a tough situation and I think they tried their best to come up with a good resolution, but I was disappointed in how they handled it and their lack of foresight. It felt like they were more worried about being accused of showing preferential treatment to me by the public than doing the right thing. They were intent on doing things their way without even being open to other suggestions.

At the end of the day, sometimes life isn’t fair and sometimes you can’t reason with people. I’m very blessed and fortunate to be able to support myself and fly out to events to compete. But it’s frustrating to drop close to 1k last minute to come out here and have all this happen while missing out a birthday of someone close to me back home. I still got mad love for Lap Chi, and I’m sure the staff are all good people at heart. But needless to say, my experience at this event was a disappointing one I won’t be returning to any Canada Cup events. All I can do is head home and move forward from here. I wish nothing but the best to the Canada Cup staff and hope their events run more smoothly from here on out.

If there are any other details I’m forgetting here, I’ll run a stream when I get back talking about the incident more in depth. Once again, I appreciate all the moral support from everyone, and I hope to see you all again soon.


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