Regarding Hyuga and Clutch City Clash 2

Leading up to the final months of registration, Hyuga contacted us asking if he could attend Clutch City Clash 2. After deliberation, we decided to follow the Global Smash 4 TO's recommendation and allow him to enter, months after his year ban was completed. We did not invite him and we did not pay for any of his entry fees, travel costs or other expenses.

It was always our intention to gauge community reaction to this decision and act accordingly. The outpouring of viewpoints, emotions and debate made it clear what needs to happen. We are announcing that Hyuga will not be attending CCC2 or any future Smash United event from this date forward.

We apologize to the viewers, fans and entrants of our events who may have felt that the severity of his accusations and actions were taken lightly. This was not our intention. Player safety and comfortable experience is our main priority. We look forward to everyone having a fun and safe weekend at Clutch City Clash 2.

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