[Trans] anan TVXQ interview

For the first time in two years hiatis, the two of them has resumed their activity.
Are they pushing hard on "bromance"?

- Long time no see. I have been looking forward to seeing you.
YH: Thank you! I realized that I am back at work after having photoshoot for a magazine.
CM: I was toonaive to anticipate that I would have some free time after I discharged. But people in my office are not too kind to me (laugh). Even today, until 5 o'clock in the morning, we were shooting video that would be shown at our live tour...
- And you were already in the studio by noon.
CM: Yes, I am back.. and it is not too easy for me (laugh).
- Changmin-san went on the press tour just three days after being discharged and you were in Korea, Japan, and HongKong in 2 days and announced that you would resume your activity.
CM: I was not able to take a flight in these two years, so I did have a thought like "I want to be on the airplane", but what I anticipated is a bit different from "that" trip (laugh).
YH: Hahaha. But I think we were able to tell people who had waited for us that we really wanted to see them immediately. I was really surprised to see many people at the press conference and I was also touched by that.
CM: Yes, that is true. Our experience is something very special. It was a bit hard for me physically but I was able to feel assured that we can still do it.
YH: To be honest, I was really nervous.
-Yunho-san delcared that you would show the chemistry of bromance at the press conference in Seoul.
YH: (Looking at Changmin) We are in bromance lately, right? In old days, we were really shy about crossing our arms or placing one's arm around each other's shoulders, so we don't have many pictures like that...but these days we are doing something like that a lot.
CM: Yes, we are doing business while being really friendly to each other! (laugh)
- Were you able to see each other on occasions?
CM: Sometime I gave YH a call and asked him out to have meal together or we went out with our managers to have a cup of teas. Not too often. every once in awhile.
- When did you feel like calling YH or did you miss YH?
CM: wait a second.. that sounds like we are lovers, right? It is not like that. It is more like, I wonder how YH has been doing? I want to talk to him about work. something like that. its not like "I wanna hear YH's voice♡ i miss him♡".
YH: Yes, yes. We love women! But when I watch our juniors being on stage on TV, or when I hear them saying that they wish to become like TVXQ, I realize...the road thatI have been walking with Changmin is not a wrong one and I missed Changmin terribly.
- Now you were able to resume your activity, and when you first saw each other after two years, what were in your minds?
CM: I was a bit worried that Yunho might have put on some weight and also aged after these two years. But in reality, he looked much more toned and he showed up looking stylish When I saw him like that, honestly, I was relieved.
YH: What are you talking about!?/what the heck are you talking about!? (laugh)
Changmin, on the other hand, looked a bit different from him that I used to know. Perhaps it is just me who felt this way. Changmin used to try look tough and put on a bold front. But right now, he gives off an aura that is a lot more softer/gentle. I can't forget that Changmin said, "I will work hard." when we met. I felt that Changmin has become more positive towards work and life.
CM: I did not t ry to change my character. Perhaps I am influenced by my colleagues that I spend two years together with.
- You had a couple of people from your office, right?
CM: Yes, you are correct (laugh).
- Now you are together after being separated for two years. What do you think about other's existence to you?
YH: Chanmin to me is.. my home. I can do my best for my solo activity because I have home like Changmin where I come back to.
CM: It is similar to me. (Yunho is) my family. My fans are too. In these two years, I was in the place that are away from my "family", and I realized how important/significant exsistences of Yunho and fans are. I became more and more appreciable that they are always with me. From now on, I should speak out such feelings of mine.
YH: (with big smile), to me too? Speaking of our fans, to me, our fans are like my parents. I think they are guiding us to take the right path just like parents guid their kids to do so.
CM: (nodding)

This is another turining point. We will work hard towards our dream.
- In November, your five big dome tour will start. What kind of live do you anticipate to have?
CM: Both of us had longed for the day when we stand in front of you all. We miss sweat, breaths. and the heat in the venue. I really want to feel everything in my body and sense.
YH: I believe that fans also had many thoughts just like us. I hope that we can toss such thoughts to each other at our live.
CM: I will catch them.
- Please do not be like "tsundere" and talk about your love.
CM: I shall try (laugh).
YH: oh, speaking of which, we will release a "bust" album before our tour.
CM: (whispering) it should be "best".
YH: Oh, not these (placed his hands on his chest. everyone including their staffs bursted into laughter). We poured our "bust"=heart into the album! Did you get it? Well, it is an excuse (laugh). In any case, we re-recorded some of the songs in the best album. It will be great if you all can feel the color of Tohoshinki now and enjoy it.
- I am looking forward to it. At last, can you tell passionate messages to your fans?
YH: I found it interesting that during our first hiatis, the period of time became our turning point and we were able to climb up the ladder. I think that this time is another turning point. So I am quite positive that we can climb up the ladder again! And.. about giving a passionate message, that is something that Changmin is good at. Changmin please.
CM: Well, despite the fact that two years are not short, you all had waited for us. I am really grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart. Yunho and I, of course.. (murmuring) our office too. We will do our best not to disappoint you all that these two years are just waste to you. We will work hard to our dream through performance, music and other activities of Tohoshinki. Please continue to support us!

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