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19th Oct 2017 from TwitLonger


So as the year of grinding comes to an end, I thought I would do a write up on my year as a whole. It sure had its ups and downs, which was mostly due to the nature of Hearthstone. But I’m relieved and proud to have achieved my goal of winning the Last Call race for 2017 in Europe.

Going into this year I knew that trying to make Last Call would be very tough. Initially I wasn’t sure if it was even worth going for to be honest. I managed to make Last Call last year so I had some idea on how time consuming and mentally draining it would be, however it was going to be even more extreme this year as only the first place would make it. I knew that if I want to achieve my goal, I would have to go into the year with a plan, which was as follows:

- Finish AT LEAST top 25 every season, which involved laddering on multiple servers sometimes even all 3
- Win an open every month, which I also grinded on multiple servers
- Attend the EU majors and prepare well, as they are a goldmine for points

Initially I found myself falling behind with Tyler and Kycoo getting a strong start, but I stuck to my plan and through consistency I took the lead a few months in, along with both Kycoo and Tyler who were in my eyes my main competition bricking some finishes. What I didn't see coming was Jarla being a threat to my goal, and with a rank 1 finish in July he was right on my ass. The previous season I only got a top 50, which didn’t aid my cause. I was nervous at first, but this was short lived as I gained a lead over the following months.

Before I knew it, it was September, with my final finish being a top 10 with good old pirate warrior the race was over. To give you a little rundown of the effort both myself and all the other contenders over the 3 regions had to put in, this is what my year of Hearthstone involved:

- Make legend on at least 2 servers in 20~ days
- Jam 2-4 opens a day every day of the month until you get a win
- For the last 5 days of a season go full degenerate, sometimes I was playing 20 hours of Hearthstone just to get my finish. First I’d get my ‘safe’ top 25 then on the other server I would improve if possible

The year as a whole was stressful, it’s a full time job, and if you wish to try for Last Call next year you have to be prepared for that. All in all, I’m glad I stuck with it and I'm super pumped to prove myself on the world stage alongside Muzzy and Tom60229. My point distribution ended up being:

1x top 50
8x top 25
2x top 10
8x open cup win
3x Playoffs
1x top 16 DH winter

I’d like to end this post with some shoutouts: Thanks Nicslay, Seiko, Kycoo, Melon, Denimblue7, Viper, Mikeboy, Muzzy, Feno, Kaka, Flamingobums and many more.

tldr: I made worlds, last call is stressful af boiiiiii

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