First of all, although I have talked over several times, I'll mention this again.
For me All Characters are like sons and daughters.
Sometimes, you says "Harada dislikes (or hate) xxxx(character name)", but it is a completely selfish belief or misunderstanding.
There is no way I dislike(or hate) characters that we have created or characters that are our assets (Of course I dislike "Spammer or post like spamming" for about this).

It is our responsibility that some characters could not gain popularity.
However, it is also reality that not all characters will get popularity (It is also reality that it will be RANKED. and popularity data and usage data are different).
And it's also true that we need a new character (this means from every aspect).
At the same time, however, the increasing number of characters as 50 or 60 characters(Roster) increases not only the cost but also the complexity as fighting games, and you will notice conflicts with many requests (Although it is only an example, many problems were pointed out in TAG 2. Evaluation was high for TAG 2 from core fans, but good results were not obtained in all. In that point, TK3 and TK7 lead to good results = of course include sales & marketing data. Of course TK5 is highly evaluated also in terms of "number" of Roster. About 30 characters around).
Especially in the early stages of Release, it will be difficult in every respect from game system/balance to budget side (about number of Roster).

We want to make all the characters popular, but sometimes it's difficult.
Statistical data sets us the reality.
Of course, we do not decide everything with just ranking such as usage rate. However, there is an aspect that usage rate data becomes one big indicator/Judgment material (Popularity and usage rate are different depending on the region, as integrated data).
Naturally I know that there are fans in each character, That is why we feel our responsibility.
And sometimes I feel sad (like fans, as fans). Example...Personally, I loved Marduk's game play.
However, it is also statistically true that he (Marduk) could not gain much support from fans.

If we only decide everything on statistical data such as usage rate, I'll not read individual opinions SNS.
For example, Jun was low in usage outside North America, but when TAG 2 it was made to re-appear in Roster with reference to the opinion of SNS
(However, although it was difficult to say that much support was obtained...).

Again, Of course it is our fault that we could not make some characters popular.
But If I could ask you one thing, I'd like to ask for your support strongly when the character is "Active". Please.
I think it would be a matter of course to make a noise when the character is out of the Roster, but the result would have been different if the character was getting the same support when it was active.
So please show me your love (for your favorite character) rather than to cry or anger, If it possible.

Fortunately TK 7 is very selling well(That means that I'll make it easier for me to express my/our opinion to the person who controls our business from us).
We will continue to work on the series in the future.

Thank you.

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