[Trans] anan cover story

After two and half years, the two of Tohoshinki appears on anan!

This time, those who appeared on anan for the first time in a long time are Yunho-san and Changmin-san of Tohoshinki!
“Hello! (we are looking forward to working with you today)”
“Long time no see!”
The two were smiling a bit shyly. They brought soft and gentle/kind aura with them.

The photoshoot started with the solo-cut of Yunho-san. In the gentle and slightly cloudy but glaring sunlight, Yunho-san seemed to be relaxed while posing (for the photographer). Our staffs were cheering “wow, Yunho-san looks really great!” Perhaps that made Yunho-san feel shy or perhaps he felt lonely (!?), he shouted loudly, “Chanmi~n!! Please come here quickly!!!” Of course, Changmin-san was not able to hear the voice because he was in the middle of getting dressed and putting some make-up on on the floor that was 5 or 6 floors apart from where Yunho-san was. But somehow as soon as Yunho-san shouted, Changmin-san immediately appeared as if he responded to Yunho-sanl, “Yes, I am here~”. They shook their hands strongly yet naturally. The photoshoot of the two of them began.

The cut where you see the sky and the view of Tokyo behind was shot on the top floor of the studio where we created stage from scaffold. Changmin-san said, “Wow~!” when he looked up the stage that was above the balcony fence. So I asked him, “Are you okay? It is a bit high…” Changmin-san responded, “Well, We are so used to be on something like this (laugh)” I mistook his "wow" for excitement as "wow" for fear. While clapping his hands, Yunho-san climbed up to the stage and he jumped and intentionally shook the stage. We, staffs, were really worried about them.. However, Changmin-san did not care about that at all! I guess, they used to dance on a stage and platforms which are not only much higher than this one, but also those move up and down or rotate. So this height is of course not any problem to them at all (laugh). I actually tried to be on the stage, just to make sure, but I had to leave immediately because my legs started to tremble.

Nonetheless, please just look at those pages. This was the very first photoshoot and exclusive interview of the two just after they resumed their activity. I will be delighted if you enjoy everything including the free postcards! (Y).

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