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12th Oct 2017 from TwitLonger

Open letter to @csgo_dev regarding CIS MINOR

Dear Sirs,

To whom it may concern

My name is Dmitriy HOOCH Bogdanov and notable part of my life i’m playing CS and, to be honest, i really care of this game and things related to it
I feel like i need to say some words about what happened on CIS minor , i’m pretty unhappy that only few CIS players are discussing it and others don’t take it too serious in my opinion .
First of all , CIS is a region really addicted to CS , we always had atleast 2-3 teams on almost any Major and many great newcomers , VEGA for example. And talanted players coming to represent our region ,we had 4 cis teams at last major and of course our region is holding major title atm and what happened with the qualifiers to the tournament all players were waiting for :
1) Tournament was announced 3 days before the qualifier took place - so e.g you could possible miss the tournament you were waiting for just because you planned something before , nobody cares about your schedule .
We used to have normal system with open and closed qualifiers which worked good through the years but now we have Open qualifiers with 6 slots
2) Lan finals would take place in Bukharest, Romania
It’s somekind of nonsense or some mistake , cause you need to have a international passport ( you will say why would you play qualifier if you can’t go to Europe - i will answer , even if you qualify to minor and after that you qualify to Closed Qualifer you would have time for this , now some who qualified for Minor won’t be able to come because of lack of passport/visa cause of tournament starting really soon) - i know that PGL got studio and it easier for them to hold everything in same town , but please someone explain me to my why ASIA Minor is played in Seoul (South Korea ,Asia) , EU Minor in Bukharest (Romania, Europe) , Americas Minor in Toronto (Canada , North America) and CIS Minor is in Bukharest ? Minsk , Saint-Petersburg , Moscow , Bukharest ?
So far already 2 teams have problems with comming to event because of lack time to fix everything
3) Direct Invites and Seedings on the qualifier
Tengri and Spirit were directly invited , with Tengri being runners-up of last Minor (they’ve already changed 2 players , but still have 3 players core) and Spirit who placed 7-8 (out of 8 teams) before
i can’t really find actual logics in this invites cause, if Tengri was invited because they were 2nd at last minor recent summer (the only actual reason why they were invited , because they were inactive during last 1-1.5 month and played 1 online event losing to forZe) , then why was Spirit invited and not “pro100” for instance, who placed 3rd at last Minor? I respect both teams , i have friends and good pals in both org’s , but my point is not WHY specifically this 2 teams were invited , my point is to find an answer what was the logics of inviting this 2 teams . but i guess I know why, because of LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of our scene atm .

Lets go to seedings
1)AVANGAR (no questions highest rating of all team participating in qualifer and their results say for them)
2)forZe ( no idea why forze was seeded 2nd , as e.g Nemiga has higher rating on hltv , and if you say that they placed 5-6 on last minor and Nemiga was 7-8 then your logic would crash cause TeamSpirit Academy was also 5-6 on last minor but they were seeded #9 and SpaceJam(3 players from QB who placed 4th at last minor) were seeded #12
3)pro100 ( ok no question,should be #1 or #2 seed as they were 3rd at last minor )
4)Nemiga (ok no questions)
5)http://QB.Fire ( ok no questions)
6)NOVA (is a new formly team who has 1 or 2 players who played last minor closed qualifier) i dont have any logical or whatever thoughts on this case , i hope CEVO will explain this
7)zArlans (newly formed team from kz , who didnt play any minor and has Totally different lineup from previous zarlans lineup who played 1 minor)
8)Goodjob( good BY team , no questions)
9)Spirit.ACD ( Should be seeded much higher as they played last minor and stack with they core)
10)Dream.GG ( #256 in the world , 1 player who played minor in 2016 )
11) Next level from Lebanon ( #198 in Hltv ranking was seeded #11 at CIS MINOR and was disqualfied because of not having 3 CIS Players in their lineup ) - this is my favourite part and explains all amount of care that CEVO had about this qualifier and CIS Region in general , funny fact that some other team without 3 player from CIS played at this qualifier , so you can see double standarts there .
i will skip from 13 to 28 cause there are mostly nonamed mixes and teams which never showed any results on a pro scene and skip to #28 seed
my team EPG were seeded #28 while we are ranked #99 at HLTV and as you can see on this screenshot https://pp.userapi.com/c840531/v840531316/113c0/uBOEtcwYWt4.jpg … … - we should have been seeded atleast in top10
me and my team lost not because of the system , we lost to a better team which qualified to Minor , the my point is its really frustrating that some teams/mixes had not actual seeds and easier brackets then some other teams and if you make your seedings manually ( I will remind you that the bracket was made TWICE) you should take it seriously , cause its not a tournament for some skins , this is qualifier for A LAN TOURNAMENT which everyone was waiting for in a region

4)Cheaters playing and qualifying for lan finals
For some people CS is fun , when they go back home from school or job and play some mixes with their friends.
For some people CS is passion, and a big part of their lives , people have a team, schedule , pracs and even dreams, which they are trying to reach
and YOUR (VALVE/CEVO) indifference ruined dream of many players which work everyday to become better...
I know, that on previous minors admins manually checked all guys who were participating in tournaments in case they have previous vac bans and bans on different platforms to make qualifier Clean and Fair (thats also a big deal , cause instead of co-working and banning cheaters together , companies ignore bans on rivals platforms , which is really frustrating , cause some has good anti-cheat and some has really bad one but people will never admin they have a bad anticheat )
this time nobody cared and look what we have - team with known cheaters in CIS community managed to qualify for Lan!!!!!!!!
Almost every team who lost to them on this qualifier brought clear evidence that this guys are cheaters (https://pastebin.com/DwqM1YqT there is list of their accounts which were given to admins right after Ts.A lost to em .FUNNY FACT : darkinho is banned at gfinity which owns CEVO , and he played exact same account on minor ), they get into bracket where matches were hosted by HLTV and people from all over the world could see this disgrace live)
Also the fact that they were banned on previous minors didnt care admins aswell.
After Ts.Academy lost to them,they made a protest - admin answered only in 2h and what they said : ( https://vk.com/1ukeawpdream?w=wall-80024914_12279 ) - " we dont care about your evidence ,we gonna look through demos within 24/48 h , you won’t get further in the bracket anyway and if we will see that they cheat the team who was last to lose to them will move on … i dont know even know how to comment on this one
After qualifier was over - CEVO respond with this tweet https://twitter.com/cevo/status/917903633190195200 … … - i want to answer to you - please don’t lie to CIS community , you didn’t take it serious when you didn’t make a proper seeds on the tournament , you didn’t take it serious when you let cheaters play the qualifier , you didn’t take it serious when people gave you evidence . Your investigation doesn’t make any sense now , cause people already lost to them and lost opportunity to play the most important tournament of the year. And they lost even something more important… Trust.

I dont know who was in charge of invites ,seeds and administrating the online qualifier but this people doesnt know anything about our region and game itself or they just didnt bother themselves doing their work properly .

I will conclude : this is a shame that our community which gave you last Major champions (years ago they started from Minor by the way) and stable 2-3 teams at every major is treated like outsiders without any proper respect . I guess many people lost motivation playing professionally and going for their dreams, because they can see that nor Valve nor tournament organisers actually care about them , esport is going bigger everyday but such dilettantism is killing it specifically in our region . I also feel sorry for Asian Region, where people don’t have fair chance to qualify for a tournament they are playing for and i feel sorry for Starladder and Epicenter who work like a real professionals and announced their tournament long time ago and now have to lose teams because of someone who doesn’t even care. Maybe it took long time from you to read, but this Game took a really long time from me to play, and that’s why i care and i want it to be fair and equal for everyone . Please, respect our efforts and willing to be treated fair and with respect.

i hope next CIS minor will be held in CIS and ran by professionals who are involved in CIS scene like it was during this years. We deserve this .

Dmitry " hooch " Bogdanov

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