SKD's NYCC #BBTAG wrap-up

Hmm, I guess, first off if you're curious about how the game works and all that jazz you can check out a couple of my tweets here, these are the main big things but this post is gonna be more on my insights regarding the mechanics and stuff, i guess some stuff on my mind

Twitlonger 1:
Twitlonger 2:
Twitlonger 3:


Before anything, clarifications on the twitlongers that i have in mind...also, of note, the notation im gonna use is ABCDS, D being Tag and S being assist call.
TL1: Uh, there are definitely no 6X normals. And 4X is only limited to 4A, there is no 4B or 4C. Assist install input is like, tap/hold S while the assist is out. There's a bar at the bottom of the screen that fills as you hold the meter that prepares your assist to attack, so you can opt to have them not attack if you so choose. If your assist gets hit once, your whole assist bar gets drained and your assist leaves, so it seems pretty hard to use?

More setplay oriented, but with how strong pushblock / burst are in these scenarios, I really dunno how much usage this would see in its current incarnation. Burst would hit the assist, and cause them to tag out, opponent MAY be able to punish you but it would be a solo char confirm (no assist meter) and if they did get hit by the burst you would both be at no assist meter...seems like a really iffy trade honestly, but it is what it is.
On burst, the burst break attack can definitely whiff so there are burst safe combos. It also does NOT cost 1 bar, but costs your whole assist bar (you can't burst unless it's full, and it does not regenerate as you are in hitstun).

Throw's command dash only happens at a distance. If you are point blank, the throw comes out immediately.

Specials are definitely 236 and 214, and each char has either one for an air series, but not both. Correct about supers, they ALL consume 2 meter, regardless of 214 or 236 (EX moves take only 1) but >>>DHC's only require one meter<<< (with a minimum cost of 2 for the first super, so, lol).

The input for DHC is just assist during the super, and every character has a predetermined DHC super (cross slash for narukami, claw for ragna), positioning seems to work alright depending on the super.

TL2: Clarifications on resonance blaze, so the way it works is there are resonance level stocks in the middle of the screen (the GRD looking things) that go up /depending on how much assist gauge you spend/. It will go up one level for each full expenditure of the bar (burst, assist install). Just calling your assist alone WILL NOT INCREASE THE RESONANCE LEVEL. You must spend the resource, which takes cancel assist (attacking while calling assist) or something of the like. That actually only ends up spending half the bar, so you need to keep doing it to increase the resonance level.

So what does resonance level do??? Well, it increases the duration of resonance blaze when your character dies. So resonance blaze not only gives you powered up supers and health regen, but also allows you to super cancel your specials, as well as gives you extremely fast passive meter gain, and also breaks the meter limit. I believe the amount that the meter limit is broken is based on the resonance level, where resonance level 1 doesn't increase the meter limit, 2 is 4 meters max, 3 is 5 meters max, 4 is 6 meters max. Not 100% sure on that, maybe all of them cause the 6 meter limit but i really didnt get to check too thoroughly.

Yeah, that's about it on resonance.

For INCOMING, the attacks are character specific, they are invuln, cannot be CH'd or punished, I think they're negative on block, but you may be able to mix up the direction or something, im not so sure.

TL3: So, switching characters...yeah, that stuff is really good. Forgot to check resource expenditure, but it is really really good. You can do like realllllllly long combos with stuff like this.

On anti airs: it's attribute system ala blazblue. Which means anti airs have hittable startup on hurtbox extension pre invuln, and low profile / fuzzy mash anti airs are definitely gonna be a thing for characters with standing hurtbox anti airs. Ragna AA is 5B, which is his BB 6A animation.

On gatlings: These are character specific. I fully explored ragna's gats, so...

4A (bbcf 5a) goes into all normals, and even gatlings into throw actually.
5A (bbcf 5b) goes into 5AA, 2A, and B/C normals.
2A (bbcf 2b) goes into 5A, and also all B/C normals.
5AA (bbcf 5c) goes into 2A, and also all B/C normals.
5AAA (bbcf 6c) IIRC only gatlings into C normals? lmao, i dont remember this too much. Definitely cannot gatling into 2A and my gut feeling is that this can't gatling into B normals either. Not even entirely sure about the gats into C, but I have a feeling.
5B (bbcf 6a) gatlings into 2B, 5BB, and C normals. Also jump cancel on block.
2B (bbcf 3c) gatlings into 5B, and C normals.
5BB (bbcf 5d) gatlings into 5BBB, and C normals.
5BBB (bbcf 22c) gatlings into...nothing, special cancelable lol.
jA (bbcf jB) gatlings into jB, jC
jB (bbcf jC) gatlings into jC
jC (bbcf jD) gatlings into nothing, lol.

So ragna has NO REVERSE GATLINGS, from button to button (like no A into B or C into either one) and there is a limit of one repeat gatling per button. For example, you can do 5a 2a 5a or 2a 5aa 2a 5b 2b 5b and it looks super stupid and is not very practical, but that's the gatling system.

Alright. That's about it for expansions / clarifications.


On my feelings of the game, I actually seem to like it a lot more than I initially thought. When i first started playing it, it honestly felt like a party game to me and i was TIGHT. I was like !!! what did they do to my precious blazblue.

Awkward control scheme aside, I think the dual character control is really impressive. The room for really interesting, flexible stuff between two characters is where the game really has room to grow, and if you understand the implications of some of the tag mechanics, im sure your mind will start to wander.

Currently, I think the BB chars are super strong with the right assist, but having an assist in this game is necessary. As in, /you literally cannot win with one character/. Single character mixup is too finite and far too weak. Even getting doesnt matter, lmao. You are straight up going to get timed out, better get to cracking on that chip damage lol. Offense is extremely weak overall, the best mixup you seem to get is like...certain very hard to set up left right scenarios or airdash mixup, lol. And that always takes assist Pushblock is also absurdly good, and I think burst is a bit too usable, lol. I have had so many matches where I would kill an initial character in like 1 stray hit and 1 full confirm (lmfao) and i would time out my opponent's remaining character. It's kinda problematic, I did it to some of the devs there (lol) so hopefully they catch wind for the final product.

There are a lot of things to think about in terms of resource exchange and opportunity cost, but at the end of the day it isn't really as in depth as vanilla BB but that's okay.
The implications of certain resourced descisions seem to end at like...layer 1 or 2 and are very isolated rather than kinda like interwoven with the rest of the game system, so it's very easy to tell what certain descisions may cause. And don't hit me with that BUT IT'S EARLY IN THE GAME. You can gauge room for potential, lmao. If things dont interact, they dont interact!

Anyways, not sure if i like that, because half of the fun of an FG is thinking about the open ended conscequences of your actions, but i mean, the game is decidedly accessible, so. It is a different game. Meta is likely going to be very straightforward compared to my lovely esoteric blazblue central fiction :*(

After prying into assist controls and potential for certain pressure ideas, I do think the game is taking a bunch of steps in really cool directions. It's currently pre-alpha, but you can look at the ideas that they're applying and see the direction theyre trying to go and examples of how they're trying to apply it, so don't hit me with that OMG PRE ALPHA bs. We've been playing asw games for years, you know how they operate lol.

One thing that likely is pre-alpha is the damage, but when I think about how the rest of the mechanics in the game come together, a bit strange, because to me it actually seems to be the thing that ties a lot of the system mechanics together in a very nice package. So, my hunch is that damage may actually resemble this later down the line if they keep a lot of the other system mechanics in place in similar fashions. Frankly, it's one of those things where it feels more at home than it doesn't, after playing so much, despite how strange it looks from the outside.

Well, you'll probably be able to give BB tag a shot somewhere down the line. Thanks for reading.

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