I am a free agent

Yesterday I got confirmation that Cloud9 has released my contract. This means I have no buyout and no strings attached. While having a buyout at this stage doesn't necessarily hurt you that much as a player. Especially since Jack (Cloud9 Owner) is always reasonable when it comes to buyouts. It definitely helps not to have a buyout moving forward into OWL, or not.
When my Esports career ends, I will be properly framing every jersey for every team that I represented during my time. I have to say I will be proud to have my Cloud9 jersey hanging on the wall. Thank you to Jack for providing me with the opportunities you did. To the staff of Cloud9 who often go overlooked, you are amazing and I will miss working with all of you

I can't wait to see what happens next.

Thank you all for reading.

DM me or email gods@evolved.gg for inquries.

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