Even more BBTAG (3/???) #BBCTB

Well, first up, you can call assists during specials too, and even on whiff. While an assist is on screen, you can press tag to switch control to that character. I think in conjunction with the assist install thing I talked about earlier, you can do some ridiculous stuff.

The dual character control seems like the most open ended part of the game.

Every character has an anti air, but I don't think they're the same input. 5b or 2b though.

On normals and the gatling tree, yes (((you can reverse beat))). Gatlings look like

4x into 5/2x interchangeably, then into the other button strength, then you can go back. Looks like there's a repeat limit of 1, and 5aa for example cant go into 2a.

This is really confusing, so I'll give an example gat narukami string

4a 2a 4a 5a 5aa 5aaa 5b 5bb 2b 5a 5aa...

Pretty much if you understand the tree you can do a hell of a lot of gats. There's no IB/Pushblock. Persona DP/Throw os works, lol. You can also piano assist into dp and have it cover recovery, lol.

On resonance, not sure what increases the stocks but it pretty much has lv1-4 and it dictates the duration you get when your character dies. I tried using resonance like an RC, it didn't work. You CAN act immediately after flash though, I had a normal on me during flash and DP'd it. Anyways, that's about it for now but really juicy implications. Bye

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