More BB tag (hour 2 lmao) #BBCTB

So, the mechanic resonance blaze is kinda x Factor comeback mechanic like, you get it when one of your characters die (you activate it with assist button after they're dead) not sure what the effects are beyond red health regen and powered up supers.

For incoming, not sure what dictates it, but I've only seen attacks done on incoming, lol. Mostly vertical, some side? not sure if its linked to characters, I'll explore that later.

There IS TRM IN THE GAME and you can't be thrown during blockstun. Throw is actually proximity based, you can throw immediately point blank but if there's a little bit of space the throw input will automatically close the gap. Of course there's a maximum run before the throw comes out if you do it from far away.

There don't seem to be air unblockable normals? Maybe anti airs. It seems like there's definitely head invuln moves, but ill dig deeper into this later.

The other thing, I said there were 4x normals, it actually only applies to A attacks I think.and 2a seems to be universally low. So 4a, 2a, 5a, 5aa, 5aaa, 2b, 5b, 5bb, 5bbb, 5c, 2c, jA, jB, jC, and specials. It seems like characters have an air special, but only assigned to one direction. However, they still have variants. For example, ragna has nightmare edge and berial on j214a / j214b, and he has no j236 series but Narukami air fireball is j236X (no j214 series).

That's about it for this update, give me ideas to think about! I'm going to look into Resonance blaze.

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