Basic BB tag rundown (hour 1 lmao)

So, game is designed to be pad friendly. 5 buttons, ABC, Tag, and Assist.

First, A/B are standard normals. There are command normals, 4X, 2X, I don't think there's 6X because of the way run works in this game lol (there's no walking, you just run). There are auto combos via 5AA.../5BB... on hit and block. 5aa, 5aaa and 5bb, 5bbb are special normals you can't do otherwise.

C button is...universal overhead or sweep for 5C and 2C respectively lol.

Tag button just tags, no idea what else.

Assist has 3 attacks, neutral, back, and forward.

There's a mechanic where you cause your assist to stay on screen and you can keep using them to attack. Not sue what the input is to start it, I think it's like 236 assist. They like, power up when they land on screen and it starts draining the assist call gauge until it's empty and then they leave. You can command them to do their assist attacks without cooldown, not entirely sure what the input is to command them but I think you hold assist and press A/B/C. A is neutral assist attack, B is forward assist and C is backwards assist.


Macros, there's...BC (throw) tech window looks like BB. I think there's a command dash at the start of it, lol. A+Tag is 2 button DP. ABCD I think, is burst (costs 1 bar) and causes the combo to break and you switch characters.

Specials, 236 and 214 only it seems. A/B and C variants. C specials cost meter.

Supers are marvel style. 236BC and 214BC for level 1 and level 2 super respectively. Intuitive DHC's for team supers.

That's about all I have now! I'll tweet more later. Love ya bye

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