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1st Oct 2017 from TwitLonger

RE: Spiderman Infinite

With the spiderman infinite videos coming out in full force, its time to discuss ban/no ban. Below, you will find the reasons why I think it should be BANNED:

1. Removes team archetypes and strategy
Right now MVCI is about a 4-6 hit game depending on meter. Hit opponent, mixup, and kill or hit opponent, mixup, counter tag, hit opponent, mixup, kill, etc. It can vary thanks to defensive mechanics, and then you have things like infinite storm soul gem who can give you back char, etc you get the point. There are archetypes based around reducing this number (point to damage char, point to setup char) or archetype to just get the hit easier and not care about number of hits (point point). Either way, we're all playing the same game. Spiderman infinite negates all of this. First hit into infinite, killl char, then second hit into infinite. 2 hits, and thats it. You cant countertag, you cant do anything about this infinite. For the record every top tier character can set it up EASILY off 1 hit. Spiderman Infinite would make this a 2 hit game (more like 1.5 hit, its insanely easy to hit a char when they CANT TAG OR MAKE ANYTHING SAFE) and kill the other archetypes. I can tell you with full confidence if esports money is on the line you would be playing spiderman. Why let your opponent play more than the 1.5 hits required?

2. Removes the tag mechanic entirely if you get hit
The game has gone from 3v3 to 2v2 with no assist, because the tag mechanic is so powerful. Tagging in and out of neutral, offense or defense (counter tag) makes assist useless because you're constantly switching characters in and out. Since you only start with 1 bar, its highly unlikely that you can break the initial combo into the spiderman infinite. In case you didnt know this, you cannot counter tag, or tag at all during the infinite. Its absolutely the end of the game. In Marvel 3, if you did a TAC infinite, you got the initial hit, then mixed them up with a TAC guess (2nd hit essentially), and then you got to infinite a char for 1 char death out of 3 chars. The better comparison of the Spiderman Infinite to Marvel 3 would be a guaranteed infinite on the 2nd char, where the point is dead. Even then the word is guaranteed, in MVC3 you had to guess the right TAC. It was a bad percentage (33% to break), but it was still a chance. In MVCI, spiderman infinite is guaranteed; and its easy.

3. Its braindead easy
This deserves its own point. The infinite is not hard by any means, and can be executed by anybody after even a questionable 30 minute training session. Top this with the insane amount of Japanese videos coming out and you dont even need to find your own tech anymore. Pick a point, (Dante, Ultron, Jedah, whatever) and then youtube or twitter search the corresponding video and boom you're now playing the most powerful version of your team. Instantly end-game. Why practice optimal combos, or setups/mixups really. Just spam reality stone, hope for a random hit then convert to a 100% combo.

4. Personal point: Its boring
We've established above that if you're not playing spiderman, you're doing it wrong. Its not hard, so even week 1 MVCI players can do this. It removes the main system mechanic (tag) and its just too good. These are valid, player/competition points. This final point however is for the fans, esports in general and for the future of the competitive scene. The year is 2017, people are saying we should ban Spiderman. ESL or Random org announced 30k pot for MVCI. Pools, Top32, Top8, all spiderman. Every game is who can get the web ball reality stone infinite going. You thought you hated hearing reality stone before during SCR? You're about to hate it even more. Tons of top players have switched away from Reality to explore teams and themselves into this game (Richard-soul, myself-space, yltcole-time, marn-power etc) but all of us I can assure you are going right back to reality. The meta will die, and so will be stream. Nobody wants to see it. -I- dont want to see it. Marvel is about sick combos, hype mixups, and clutch comebacks. No more. The same combos, mixups are gone and comebacks are done since one char would need to touch them some 6-8 times while the spiderman team only needs to hit them once. Actually thinking about it, maybe a solo spiderman can randomly start his own infinite, and make a comeback. Yeah, wow. Even more boring.

Spiderman infinite needs to be banned for the reason above. Saying lulz we didnt ban infinite in Marvel 3 isnt an argument for the reasons above. This is a different game, and it needs to be assessed as such. In MVCI, the infinite is too much. Ban.

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