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29th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

who am i and where am i coming from?

hey everyone, I'm sleepy
I'm the newly announced flex support for the San Francisco OWL team.
I know that the majority of you have absolutely no idea who I am, and have probably never heard of me before the announcement, so I'm making this in hopes of letting you all know who I am as a player.

I've actually been playing in the pro scene for quite some time now, however it's all been exclusively in scrims. I have never really gotten the chance to play in any of the big tournaments that people may recognize such as the Monthly Melees, Beat Invitationals, etc. Because of this, my name hasn't gotten out except to those who watch my streams or know me from my high rating on the competitive ladder.

I was given my first chance on a professional team around ~7 months ago when I joined Tempo Storm, however that ended up falling through after a few months, so I have never really gotten the chance to prove myself yet. Since then I've just been streaming every other day (and more recently, every day) and scrimming with other pro teams, until I was finally able to get another chance with the new NRG (San Francisco Overwatch) roster.

I'm very thankful and have worked very hard to get another chance to prove myself, this time in a tournament setting. I'm going to do my best out there to make you all proud and not let you down. I would also like to thank everyone at NRG and our head coach, Sephy, for giving me this opportunity.

also a huge thanks to @Seyeumi for helping me write this for you guys.

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