Wish esports welcomes Team Zealots

Wish is excited to announce that we are getting into the esports scene with our first team sponsorship in Heroes of the Storm, Team Zealots will now be known as Team Wish. We’ve been watching Team Zealots since they forced their way into the HGC back in the mid-year Crucible. They have been impressive to us with their aggressive play and shot calling. We are looking forward to watching them rise up and continue being a major player in the European and global scene.

Wish is a shopping app, where you can get almost anything you can imagine at an affordable price. Some of us on the executive team are gamers; we’re building up Wish esports and are excited that Heroes of the Storm will be our first game.

We’d like to welcome Shad, Mopsio, GranPkt, Zarmony, and POILK to the Wish team. We also sponsor the Los Angeles Lakers, so we’re looking forward to getting our two teams together when they hopefully make it to BlizzCon.

Follow us @Wish_esports @WishShopping on Twitter and @Wish and @WishCareers on Instagram. Download the app, save a ton of money, and keep gaming. Go Team Wish, good luck in the playoffs.

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