Team Announcement

We are sad to announce that last night’s game against Gigganti was our last together, we decided a few weeks back that we’re going to finish Contenders then go try our chances with OWL teams and hope that we will get recruited.

We started out strong getting into the top 4 of EU Contenders Season 0 with not much practice together on our hands. Sadly before the start of Season 1 after the World Cup break we noticed that we weren’t working as well together as we did before, we had coaches helping us, other players joining but nothing seemed to work.

Sometimes you can put together the best 6 players you can find and they won’t be able to work as a team, every individual in the roster is very strong and we hope that all of us are going to make it further into the Overwatch scene either by getting into another team (ideally an OWL one) or rebuilding the roster with different players under the same name, Bazooka Puppiez and playing in Season 2 of Contenders.

We never thought that we’d reach that far into Season 0, we didn’t have much time on our hands and we sadly didn’t have an organization backing us so anybody could leave or get
poached any day which almost happened several times that season.

During and before the start of Season 1 we had several internal conflicts that unfortunately affected the way we all played as a team ranging from having a different vision of the game to not cooperating with each other during fights thus resulting in us being extremely split as it was
seen during most of our games.

Even though our performance as a team was poor in Season 1 we’ve been harshly criticized as individuals by the desk(stating that none of the players in this team is worthy of being the league is just one example). We think that the core differences and conflicts were the cause of the poor performance and not individual skill. Other teams with similar performances may have had similar issues but didn't receive the same amount of criticism.

In the end we still had fun even when things weren't going our way at all. There is no bad blood between us and it was a blast to play together.

Special thanks to Raptorz for trying to help our team, we definitely learnt a lot from him and we will use the gained knowledge in the future teams that we will join!

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