Maurice Gutmann · @KheZu

23rd Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

Minors - Majors - Qualifiers

Something has to be adressed. My team, the position we are in, is that we have to play most Open qualifiers. Which in this current situation is very stressful and we recieve information very late whether we are invited to the closed qualifiers or not.

The main problem im going to talk about, is that Good/known teams have the privilege of choosing which tournaments they play, beause they are already invited to the main tournament, or the closed qualifiers. We don't have that privilege. We need to choose BETWEEN playoffs and OPEN qualifiers, we've already missed 1 or 2 qualifiers because of this, and might be forced to miss another.

We are supposed to play vs Secret in 3 hours from right now. But the Dotapit Open qualifier starts in 40 minutes, which we signed up for incase we are not invited (mind you invites are not announced yet to the closed qualifier). Secret have agreed to reschedule if needed. The problem is that the Grand finals for The ESL tournament (where we play Secret) is scheduled for tomorrow at 5 PM. (if we were to win vs Secret). Which means even then we now have to choose what we do because the Dotapit open qualifier is 2 days long (today and tomorrow).

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