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22nd Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

Stepping off the payload

It is with a heavy heart that I must now officially announce my resignation from my position running Overwatch operations for Cloud 9. In my time there, we achieved some great milestones. I will always cherish and appreciate all of the fond memories and personal bonds that I have developed through my work with the organization.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, including both personal and business matters, it is best for my career development and for the organization that I move on to explore other options and opportunities that have been presented to me. In particular, an alleged contractual dispute with a few former players has surfaced that now requires my full and immediate attention to ensure that the situation is properly and justly resolved. I will not currently comment any further on this alleged matter as I still have hope that this unfortunate situation will be resolved amicably and expeditiously without the need for additional recourse.

I want to thank Jack and the rest of the Cloud 9 family for all of the support and friendship and for the amazing opportunity to learn and grow with such an esteemed organization and from such a talented leader. I also want to thank the amazing players that I have worked with in my tenure, you know who you are, and you all made every day an exciting adventure. I look forward to continuing my work in esports as I continue to evaluate the various opportunities presented to me.

For any additional comments or questions on this matter, please contact my representative, Justin M. Jacobson,

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