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22nd Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

Dear Ninjas,

This is a hard letter to write. I am filled with emptiness and disgust. I feel betrayed and hurt.

One of our largest community members, AC Royale has lied to us about his life over the last two years. He is not who he says he is, and has not been living the life that he has portrayed on social media. His recent GoFundMe campaign about being hospitalized is based on a fabricated story.

If anyone has donated to this campaign, please report the campaign and include this link as proof ( He claims to be refunding the money, but I want everyone to take steps to get their money back regardless.

I am taking steps to protect myself and the stream from the devastation that AC has caused to me, my family, and this community. His involvement has changed our lives greatly over the last two years and knowing all this was a lie is hard to stomach.

AC's poor decisions should not and will not destroy this community. We have always been a positive community promoting honesty, respect, and love. Please know that I love all of you regardless of how you support this community. Money, popularity, and fame are NOT what the Ninjas are about. I don't want anyone to think they HAVE to do anything but be here to love and respect each other.

If any more relavant details come up that affect the community, I will share with your promptly, but for now I'd rather just move on from this and focus on the future. Everything we have achieved as a group shouldn't be tarnished or erased. We have grown as a community together, and we will continue to support each other no matter what.

Much love,

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