Sales List! (UPDATE)

Howdy, everyone! As most of you know, I got laid off, so I had to move back home. In order to make ends meet while I get a new job, I have several cool items up for sale. These deserve a more loving home, so please help a girl out and get cool stuff in return!

Thanks to those who have bought from me previously and helped me out in the past few months. I really appreciate it!

A few things:
• I look up item prices in various places to give you an accurate pricing; I go with whatever the market value of the item is.
• That being said, I will price match if you happen to find the item cheaper elsewhere. This bit is important: BOOTLEGS DO NOT COUNT.
• Prices are negotiable; please talk to me so we can work out a deal, but please keep in mind that at the end of the day, I'm selling these items to keep myself afloat until I get a new job.
• I only take payment via PayPal.
• Prices do not include shipping; I will calculate shipping once given more information
• I do ship internationally, but please keep in mind because I'm in the US, shipping prices will be higher for international folks.

We good? Okay, here's what I've got:

○ Makise Kurisu - Figma #195 - White Coat ver.: Like-new condition: $43
○ Onoda Sakamichi - Figma #238: Brand-new: $58
○ Makishima Yuusuke - Figma #251: Brand-new: $58
○ Lucina - Figma #245: Brand-new: $60 [ON HOLD UNTIL END OF 9/20]
○ Index Librorum Prohibitorum - Figma #117: Brand-new: $32
○ Kamijou Touma - Figma #111: Brand-new: $45
○ Misaka Imouto - Figma #SP-020: Brand-new: $55
○ Misaka Mikoto - Figma #SP-014: Like-new condition + bundled with PSP game Toaru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku: $55
○ Shinguji Sakura - Nendoroid #235: Brand-new: $55
○ Canaan - Nendoroid #087: Like-new condition: $25
○ Doudanuki Masakuni - Nendoroid #606: Brand-new: $48
○ Nendoroid Petit: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: All of the boxes opened, but figures in like-new condition: $50
○ Joseph Joestar - Super Action Statue #30: Brand-new: $65 [ON HOLD UNTIL END OF 9/20]
○ Jolyne Cujoh - Super Action Statue #68: Brand-new: $95
○ F/GO Okita Souji Saber - 1/7 (Aquamarine): Like-new: $110
○ Amane Suzuha - 1/8 (Alter): Figure itself is in great condition, but the bike seat didn't come attached; can be glued. $100
○ Undertaker - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya): Brand-new: $250

○ Tales of Xillia 2 CE Set for the Playstation 3 with Hardcover Strategy Guide:Set components in like-new condition, box has some creases due to being a thin box. $95
○ Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for the Playstation Vita: Like-new condition: $30
○ DJMax Technika Tune LE Set: Like-new condition: $150
○ Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica The Battle Pentagram LE Box Set for the Playstation Vita: $60
○ CLANNAD LE Set for PC: Outer box opened, but both CDs are sealed and in brand-new condition: $70
○ Fruit of Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol. 1 & 2 Set for PC with Vol. 1 Art Book: This set has both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 game download cards along with a bilingual art book. Brand-new: $65
○ NEKOPARA Vol. 1 Physical ver. for PC: Like-new condition copy: $40
○ Rabi-Ribi LE Set for PC: Includes game download card, art book, badges, illustrated postcards and OST CD. Like-new condition: $45

○ BlazBlue Trading Rubber Strap Part 1: Box opened, but straps were never used: $40 for the set; $8 for each strap
○ BlazBlue Trading Rubber Strap Part.2: Box opened, but straps were never used: $37 for the set; $8 for each strap [PLATINUM STRAP SOLD OUT!]
○ K: Missing Kings Colorfull Collection: Box opened, but charms were never used: $30
○ Hoshizora no Memoria Bonus Badges: These special badges were given out at ACEN to those who pledged in the Wagamama High Spec Kickstarter campaign. $10
○ WORLD END ECONOMiCA T-Shirt (Size: L): Gently used; in good condition: $15
○ NEKOPARA Chocola & Vanilla Tote Bag: Like-new condition: $20
○ Official Junpei P3P Pre-Order Bonus Cap: Offered as a bonus if you pre-ordered P3P. Like-new condition: $35
○ Moe Headphones Design Guidebook Autographed by Lunatic Joker: Like-new condition: $25

Pictures of all the items for sale can be found in this tweet thread:

If you want better pics, just ask! I'm more than happy to take them for you. I will be replying to requests on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a figure a person has claimed first, you may still be able to get it as long as they pass on it.

That's it! I may add more to this list soon. Feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you for looking, and even if you can't purchase anything, spreading the word really helps. I need to get rid of these and I need the money, so anything helps! If you don't see anything you like but would still like to help, here's my Ko-fi page and PayPal page:

Happy shopping~

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