The whole 'bench' situation.

So since the departure of freddieb to godsent it was very clear within the team that it wasn't going to work any longer, that is simply because he was too skilled to replace. When the topic of replacing him became a thing we started to brainstorm and was like 'hmm who could we actually get'. We knew freddieb was leaving around 2 weeks before the Gfinity final and had many weeks to think of who to get. When Gfinity ended literally nothing was said between any of the players or the staff for around 4 weeks? (Well I found out today I was benched). I got a call saying yeah we want to play you but we can't since we don't want a international lineup anymore (explaining the speaking Swedish comment i made), this owns me since i'm a international player!!!!

I hope what ever they do the best and would like to thank Epsilon for everything they've done for me, I feel like I more than proved myself over my period here and i am proud to have spent my time at epsilon:)
I would love to say when I'll next be in a team but I can't say how long it will be:( Hopefully I get a sick offer soon. Until then I'll be streaming a fuck ton when I get my internet sorted and probably grinding for rank S or some shit...

One tip to young players who get super happy when they got offered a big team, please read the contract before signing:D

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