Our statement on our Fenway appearance tonight

As to why we did this tonight, our statement is simple.

We were largely inspired by Howard Bryant who now writes for ESPN. His article "Don't expect protests in baseball -- it's a white man's game by design" was inspirational.
Red Sox's own history comes into play as well. Going back to Tom Yawkey, the team has made its name on racism. The Red Sox were the last to actually admit POC players back in the days of Jackie Robinson.

The state of the sport today is obviously just as troubling. Honestly, we don't see redemption for Baseball in any future. Minorities barely seem involved. POC players don't make it into double digit percentages in the MLB. LGBTQIA++ is completely absent. Sports leagues in Europe and Canada offer people who identify as non-male the opportunity to join but where is this in the USA? In regards to protests in Baseball, we are happy to prove Howard Bryant wrong tonight but this is certainly only the beginning.

MLB as a league should be dissolved. Like the Confederate monuments the Nazis are defending across the nation, remove it and replace it with something of value to all people. A sport where people who identify as non-male make up 50% of the league. Not just a sport for a White male population that still refuses to acknowledge Black Lives Matter and votes for neo-fascism to fill the highest offices of this nation.

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