CrusaDe · @CrusaDe

8th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger


I'm currently not under contract anymore with Cloud9. And will be looking for trials with OWL Teams.

- Tier 1 Support player, Lucio.
- Very Flexible, so can off role into Zen / Ana if needed.
- A lot of experience as IGL and shotcaller. (Been shotcaller in every previous team).
- Enemy Ult tracking on point.
- Overwatch LAN Experience: TakeTV 2 + Overwatch World Cup Katowice for the Dutch team.
- Top 500 every season (Some seasons on multiple accounts).
- NA or EU region doesn't matter, willing to relocate.
- To see previous teams:

You can contact me through Twitter DMs or Discord DMs.
Retweets appreciated!

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