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8th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

My thoughts on the SOK situation (And my only ones, so please, stop asking me for more):

Tons of people are now messaging me to say that SOK is "being exposed for doing horrible things to me that they denied for years" and the like via a series of leaks. It was obvious the vast majority of the shit was always them, as they are the only group who delve THAT DEEP into my personal shit. I would NOT be surprised if they performed the vast majority of negative things against me including the DOXXing, DDOS attacks, false copyright strikes, prank calls, pizza deliveries, signing up my e-mails to HUNDREDS of spam e-mail sites, signing up my physical mail to dozens of catalogs and magazines I don't want, sending me feces in the mail (yes, all of that happened) and even SWATing me. And remember, Leanna's father ALSO got SWATed after the SWAT against us didn't get any of the negative desired effect nor the real ability to make fun of us. 

That's the most fucked up thing about SOK and the like: the way they don't only try to ruin MY life, but the lives of everyone around me as well. I wholeheartedly admit that money was one (of many) factors in the breakdown of my relationship with Leanna, and what caused the money situation? Two things: 1. My accumulating huge debt from a move across the USA, and 2. My INABILITY TO PAY OFF THAT DEBT because of false copyright strikes singlehandedly DESTROYING DSPGaming as a profitable YouTube channel. Now that it's come out that they were directly involved with the false copyright strikes, I can 100% accurately say that SOK has, in many ways, destroyed my reputation, my capacity to keep making money on YouTube, and my personal life as well.

I WILL NOW REVEAL SOMETHING THAT I HAVE NEVER REVEALED BEFORE, and it's something the SOK have dwelled on FOR YEARS and totally spun for their own purposes. This will blow your mind: the REAL reason that we did not attend Leanna's brother's wedding. 

After Leanna's father was SWATed despite us never mentioning him in any video nor giving out info regarding him, we KNEW nobody was safe. None of our family members would ever be immune from the hatred and vile actions that we were suffering, because the people doing them had no moral compass nor conscience. So when it came time to start making preparations to attend Leanna's brother's wedding in late 2015, we talked DIRECTLY with him and his wife-to-be about it. We came to the conclusion that, ultimately, if we attended there would be a STRONGLY increased chance that someone would try to fuck with us and ruin the event. Which obviously we did NOT want to happen because it wasn't our event to get ruined. That would have been INCREDIBLY fucked up: having someone else's once-in-a-lifetime event get ruined by a SWATing or another kind of "harmless prank" that these fuckwads would try to pull. So after having serious discussions about it, we all collectively agreed to stay home and not attend the event. I stopped mentioning it altogether and Leanna and her brother were both VERY sad, but knew it was for the best.

What did the SOK do? Well first, they decided to FIND OUT THE ADDRESS AND DATE OF THE WEDDING! YES, that is entirely true: they're SO fucking sick that they, on their own and without my mentioning it for MONTHS, researched and found the event, and then spread that info ALL OVER THE INTERNET. They then decided to spin it that the reason we weren't attending was because I HAD FORCED LEANNA TO SKIP IT so that I could stay home and play Fallout 4, to make money. They actually accused me of keeping her at home forcefully! It couldn't have been further from the truth: it was the crippling fear that THE SOK THEMSELVES, who found the damned date and address of the wedding, would have SWATed the wedding, that made us stay home. So not only were they the reason we missed the wedding, they then turned their own vile actions into a way to make me look bad after the fact........IT'S MIND-NUMBING, isn't it?

The best part? I don't even know any of them, nor do I even know who the hell they are OUTSIDE of the fact that they all want to hurt me. It's absolute insanity.

That's how that group is, just like anyone is who is hyper-focused on HURTING one person you don't even know. It's stereotypical stalker behavior and when it happens to celebrities, they get restraining orders. Sadly, I never had a defense against this kind of stuff, because I wasn't big enough, smart enough or rich enough to find a way to put protections in place and/or just be immune to it. This is a textbook case of a bunch of sick-headed, mentally ill (YES, if you try to ruin someone's life who you don't know, you ARE mentally ill) individuals trying to destroy someone they've never met and have zero personal relationship with. It's disgusting and disturbing.

There's a line between laughing at someone's shortcomings, and trying to destroy their life and the lives of their family. And it's NOT a fine line.

For those who are finally "Seeing the light," they need to look back over the last several years, all the shit they did to me since I moved to Washington, and seriously see if they can live with themselves. I feel bad even when I INADVERTENTLY hurt someone, but these people deliberately tried to destroy me for literally NOTHING. NO LOGICAL REASON. That's wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, outside of the fact that it's been exposed that the SOK were directly involved with the false copyright strikes against DSPGaming and more, I'm not reading up on any of the drama shit, and I honestly don't care. My life is already destroyed in a lot of ways, both financially and personally, and I'll probably NEVER recover from the financial situation I'm in, that they created. Therefore, why dwell on it? I've got a good thing going with Twitch and I'm going to focus on the positives instead of the crazy amount of negatives I've suffered at their hands. So please, don't keep contacting me with "juicy new info" as I don't care. Just let me do my daily thing and be who I've always been since day 1, and let's keep stuff positive moving forward. Everything else is just white noise that we can block out.

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