Big SMITE Changes!!

I will be no longer be a competitive Smite player as I start my first day as an Associate Community Specialist at HiRez on September 18. My old Smite team, Noble, has plans for this split and I will let them announce them. I wish nothing but the best for them.

Smite has given me more than I ever thought possible. It gave me the opportunity to live in my first apartment, it gave me the opportunity to marry my best friend, it gave me the opportunity to have a baby, and now it's giving me the opportunity to raise a family. As a random gamer who installed Smite from a friend's recommendation, I never imagined any of this happening.

Playing Smite professionally has been an amazing experience. Not only is it fun to play video games for a living, but it's also fun to meet other people who share the same interests about video games. I looked forward to every single LAN I went to. While it's fun to play on stage and compete doing something you love, I always felt it was even more fun to interact with all the players and fans at those events.

And that's exactly what excites me about this job. I love interacting with a community of people and trying my best to be a positive influence to everyone around me (although, as a pro player I didn't always do a great job at this, but I've learned a lot from my past experiences.) I'll release more information about my duties as I start my first day here in the next couple weeks. But I will be interacting a lot with the Smite community.

There isn't a whole lot else to say other than a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me through these past couple years. Seeing the same people come to my stream for years, even when I'm not the most consistent streamer, fills me with joy. Thank you for being my friend through all of this.

While I'm sad that my time as a pro player has come to an end, I'm even more excited for what lies ahead. After all these years as a player, I couldn't be more excited to help this game grow from the inside.


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