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6th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

I will be stepping down as INTZ Head Coach. A goodbye and explanation:

After taking some time off to think properly about my future after our semi final playoff defeat, I have decided to leave INTZ and will formally declare free agency tomorrow.

2017 was a long, interesting and productive season for INTZ. We played some extremely high quality League of Legends at times. However, for many reasons (including major patch changes, practice structures and my personal health) we could not convert strong regular season showings into playoff success. In the coming week, as promised, I will still be doing a final review of the season and will cover these issues in detail so that fans can hopefully get some closure on what was ultimately a disappointing season for a team with the ambitions of INTZ.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years in Brazil:
- In 2016 I was able to witness first hand the conclusion of one of the greatest stories of League of Legends history, as the old INTZ roster were finally able to overcome their international issues and represent Brazil on the international stage.
- In 2017 I got to witness an even more unlikely story as two team of inexperienced/undervalued, but promising players nobody (not even INTZ fans) thought could achieve anything blossomed into two of the best teams Brazil has ever seen. I wish Team One all the success possible at worlds next month, and look forward to watching the rivalry between these groups of players develop over the coming years.

In 2016 I came to Brazil hoping to help make the region competitive on an international level. Whilst we are not there yet, there have definitely been improvements across the whole region this year. However, despite my love of Brazilian fans and the Brazilian League of Legends region, I have seen my health deteriorate rapidly as a result of the climate and food in Brazil, and it has been extremely hard to be away from my family for such long periods of time.

Although I was originally planning to stay through to the end of 2017 at least, I felt unable for these reasons to commit to INTZ until the end of 2018. I think that now that the season is over the time is right to move on to give Lucas Pierre (Maestro) the time and space he needs to craft the next generation of INTZ into a championship winning team and work towards the S8 World Championships. I have complete confidence he, and INTZ, can achieve these goals.

A few final thank yous:
- I would like to thank Lucas Almeida, Rogerio, Anita and the rest of the INTZ staff for making my stay in Brazil as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately we could not go back to the World Championships in S7, but I hope the structure is there for future success.
- Thank you to all of the players who have worked with me over my time in Brazil: Yang, Revolta, Tockers, Micao, Jockster; Ayel, Turtle, Envy; Verto, Shini, Marf, Absolut, Redbert. I wish you all the best in your future careers, and I will be watching and supporting you all the way. This time as a fan, and not as a coach.
- Commentators, Analysts, and staff of Riot Brazil for putting on one of the best productions (especially for showpiece events like CBLOL and IWCQ finals) in the world.
- Players, staff and fans of other teams in Brazil. Almost without exception, everyone I have interacted with in Brazil has been welcoming, kind and thoughtful in their interactions. Rivals on the Rift, mutual respect when the game is over.
- And finally, and most importantly, thank you to the fans of INTZ. Through the good times and the bad times, INTZ have generally had some of the most passionate, supportive and (for lack of a better word) rational fan bases I have ever interacted with, through Forca Intrepida and Social Media. I hope over the last 2 years we have achieved something worth cherishing and remembering together.

Adeus, obrigado a todos pelas memorias,


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