At first people said it was my attitude that got me unvouched, now they said its my play

Upon further investigation with Mikey and Bulba both said Bulba has nothing to do with my Unvouch. Bulba can still be blamed for making the start of my FPL feel like complete shit, where in turn my next days weren't my greatest.

I was also dealing with hurricane Harvey as I live in Houston. (I don't want peoples sympathy or anything). I just want to let people know what happened at the start of my journey in FPL. So I couldn't sleep because of the storm and because I kept thinking about what Bulba said and did. So yes, I performed badly in some of my games, more than I usually do. I can promise I still tried my best and performed well in games.

Another side note is, it was preseason. I'm not going to justify if I played bad in some games because of picks but everyone knows that in FPL preseason people experiment with picks, GG out early when they don't like what's going on... etc.

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