Mythic Gaming closes its doors

After a year in the planning and roughly a year in operation, Mythic Gaming will be closing its doors for the foreseeable future.

This decision was not an easy one to make as we identified ourselves as one of the strongest start-up MGOs to rise in the 2017 year.

The reason for this decision is due to differences in the values, commitment and long-term outlook between us, potential replacements and former players. In addition, a major reason for the decision is the fact that the values, ambitions and goals that we would like to achieve and set as industry standards are not currently attainable in the local esports industry (exempt for a very limited number of organizations).

I would like to take this time to thank Dirk Ottersbach, Joshua Moulton and Arthur Whitehead for their continued involvement, dedication towards the brand and passion for esports. Without them, Mythic Gaming would not have achieved the success that it did.

I would also like to thank Christopher “Sargon” House, who was always willing to help on the management side and for him ensuring that the narrative of Mythic Gaming was told.

What does the future hold?


As the community is already aware, the Mythic Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was disbanded in its entirety following the roster shuffles which saw Dweezil and Taly0r depart us. The remaining players of the Mythic Gaming CS:GO roster decided that it was best to not try and re-build a team as they felt that the team would not be able to maintain the standards that the brand deserved and elected to disband.

I, alongside the Renier “Spam” Spamer, were in discussions with several potential teams / players that could be brought on board in order to provide a home to a new roster, however, no successful candidates or teams were found due to differences in expectations, commitments and values that we required.

At this point in time, I made the decision to transfer the ownership of the seed that the Mythic CS: GO team had to Renier “Spam” Spamer and he will be attending DGC alongside his friends.

The reason for this decision is that I did not find it fair that Renier dedicated the entire year to Mythic only to have other players take away the privilege of attending a LAN with the seed.

Due to the CS: GO team disbanding we no longer had the ‘requirements’ to be qualified into Masters for the 2018 year (assuming we were eligible to be invited etc.).
Following the decision to disband the CS:GO division, we held meetings with the Dota 2 division to discuss the way forward.

The team decided that the roster would remain the same, however, they wanted to be able to move to an MGO that could offer them the opportunity to qualify into the Masters division for 2018. A decision which I completely respect.

The Mythic Gaming DOTA 2 team has since been renamed to Team Sensation. I will be assisting the Dota 2 team when they join a new MGO to ensure that the players and their values, opportunities and ownerships of seeds are protected from any controversial and exploitable contractual clauses that many players fall victim to.

Any DOTA 2 team enquires should be sent to Timothy “Kuhnchun” Kuhn.

In conclusion, I would like to especially thank our fans, supporters and partners. Without all of your support we would not have been able to achieve the results, brand and respect that Mythic Gaming did.

Yours Sincerely,
Nicholas Kuhn (PHAZED)


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