FPL unvouch (my side)

Alright, since people keep asking me every single day about this FPL thing, I'll share my side of the story.

So lets have some back story here. I played 1 pub or something with Bulba and apparently he thought i threw the game. He constantly harassed and messaged me for 2 weeks if i was in a game against him or on his team. Finally, FPL started after all the harassing. My first 3 games were with Bulba, I know very unlucky. He constantly tells me every single thing to do in my games, acts like a dick, and proceeds to smirk and blame me for things. Finally after the third game, I lose it and tell him that he's a horrible person, etc etc. My next 25-30 games I didn't have Bulba in any of my games, life was good.

Apparently I was unvouched for my attitude and me talking back to players. In actuality, I only talked back to Bulba because of how much an Asshole he acted towards me. This was on the first day too. In almost every game I talked and stayed positive. I don't flame people or try to belittle people.

I Streamed every game of FPL so if want proof just look through my VODS. Everyone has a different approach to Dota, I'm no different. There are bound to be people who dislike me. But don't believe everything you hear, because it's not always true.

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