Regarding the recent Vexed line up changes.

Regarding the recent changes.

As you can imagine this decision was a difficult one to make but ultimately had to be made.

After multiple meetings and discussions with players and management it was clear a change was needed and unfortunately this a one of those situations where there is never a good time.

after discussions we felt Sheekey did not share the same vision that we at Vexed have for the division and would like to thank Sheekey for the time and dedication he put in over the past few months at Vexed Gaming, this has not gone unnoticed. we had some ups and down but everything aside I admire his passion and love for his craft.

In regards to the release of JT, this is something he had brought to our attention and asked for after being benched via team decision earlier in the season. He is honestly one of the nicest people I have ever worked with and we all hope he does well in what ever he decides to do next.

Shaney being benched comes with no reflection to his skill level, again he has been fantastic to work with over these past few months but currently we have options we would like to explore.

For now, as stating above, we have options we wish to explore and are dedicated to reaching our goals. Again, this has been a really difficult decision for everyone involved, and one that hasn't been rushed into.

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