So, straight after a win at the latest iSeries i have been removed from the active lineup of Vexed. Slightly confusing one for me as i believe my performance over the entire event far from deserved me being benched but its out of my control. Of course the bench is not where i want to be as i love competing and i have a strong drive to win. I respect each and every member of the Vexed management, but this decision has confused me massively.

My passion and dedication to the game will not be hindered by this action. It sucks for me on a personal level as this is something that i was striving for for a long time. Equally it sucks for sheekey because i could sense the passion whilst at iSeries that he had for wanting to win, his entire act was something i've not seen from him ever.

My DMs are open for any queries

see you in FPLC/UKPL

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