Released from Vexed - Looking for a team or to create one for an org - RT Apprec

I have been released from Vexed and i am looking to join or create a new lineup for any organisation interested. We had no idea this was happening and have just been informed after a contract review last night. I will be terminating my contract as i aint sitting on a bench.

It was a team decision to drop me and another player as they need "eu" in the team to progress further apparently.
I personally put alot of hours, sleepless nights, demo watching, strats made so the decision is quite upsetting after all the work i put in. We won the lan in convincing style and our "teamwork" was incredible because i made it that way after weeks and weeks of pointing out mistakes and helping each player individually.

I wish some of the guys luck and all that jazz. Thanks to vexed and the managers there who made life easy for a few month.

Until then im am looking for offers, my twitter DMs are open, retweets are appreciated.

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