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5th Sep 2017 from TwitLonger

Roster change


So alot of people will be confused but I'll try to keep this simple. (Probably won't be simple)

After Champs, the team was planning on sticking together, but at the same time, It felt like something was/needed to change because the vibe of the team was a bit weird, even before the event, don't get me wrong, we enjoyed playing together, but the vibe was just weird, its hard to explain.

Anyway. I can't comment on much but basically Swifazor decided to part ways with the squad which is understandable in my eyes based on how the team felt it was going, he felt the same way I did but I respect his decision and back it 100%. I sat here thinking about what I wanted to do going into next year. To be blunt, Setzy and I had always clashed at times, I think he can agree on that too, he is a hell of a player and I enjoyed teaming with him but It felt like we weren't able to continue in the same team, and If we did It felt like it was only going to get worse as time went on. On the other hand, Zepa and I didn't really clash at all, I know if Zepa was on my team for another year he would keep on improving as he listens really well and is a humble beast, he did so much in such little time and I know he will thrive more around our new squad as there is more experience there.

I had a chat to Zepa about what I had in mind going into the new game next year and with BOTG coming back and he was all for the idea. So this brings us to the new squad, I'd like to welcome Macka and Rival to the squad, this is the Chiefs squad from Black Ops 3 (Minus Dean, add Zepa). I felt that we had so much potential in BO3 but got over the game and didn't give it our all leading into the later half of the year, but we were such a force when we did play alot and I know we will be back to that again. I've teamed with Macka a ton over the years and I've always loved it, BOTG is his type of game, anyone thats been around long knows Macka is an old school player who loves a bit of old COD, no jetpack crap. I teamed with Rival in AW and Bo3 and loved that too, we did butt heads towards the end but we sorted that out, he's a freak of a player and I know he will get the job done as an aggressive SMG, I felt I only just got the best out of him towards season 2 of the CWL and I'm keen to get that poppin again.

Hopefully that clears it up, I can understand if people are like ''Why change after you did so well at Champs?''. I don't think any of us thought we would break up and I know it sucks but things happen, I know how to build a team and I'm super excited for this one.

Its complicated but Zepa and I are still in MF as of now but we have been given permission to pursue any other offers so If any organisations would like to contact me you can DM me. Serious offers only please as we are looking for the best deal to help us play/do more in WW2, we're looking to make this our biggest year yet. APAC COD 2018 will be MASSIVE.

Thanks to all of the supporters and I hope you continue to support the new squad. Best of luck to Setzy and Swifazor on their future endeavors.

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