Message from the re-homing Dark Matter Committee

Do you want to help get Dark Matter on Netflix? Act now! We need to let Netflix know that we want more Dark Matter, and Tweeting won’t be enough - we need to contact Netflix directly. We need to get them as many requests as possible.
Time is of the essence; contact Netflix today!

•Call 1-866-579-7172
•Fill out the form!
•If you are a Netflix subscriber - watch and rewatch Seasons 1 and 2

Please tell everyone you can to do this. We need to be heard that we want the show on Netflix, and we need to have the numbers to prove it’s worth it to them!

If you email or call, frame it not as “saving” Dark Matter but instead of think of it in terms of why Netflix should want Dark Matter. It’s a great show with a fantastic overarching plot, great characters, a diverse cast, a solid 2 more seasons of story, and a lot of fans! Let them know you want them to support Seasons 4 and 5!

And follow me on Twitter at to keep up with the latest news about getting Dark Matter a new home!

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