[Trans] #Jaejoong's IG Poem

Before It's Too Late

A man needs to be rich to be happy
Until then, he is merely a simple person
Not sure if he's truly that narrow-minded
But he has no time to be kind to others

That girl is fat.
So no one loves her
She doesn't understand
why her life is this way.
Until she finds a diet that shows results
The world is no fun to her

There's another man. He wants to be acknowledged,
And receive recognition
Because of that, he has no time to smile freely
When he finally obtains what he wants
Then he will have his own beautiful castle

There's another girl. This one is ugly.
She knows she won't receive attention just by showing love
When the time is right, she will cut her jaw and get a nose job.
Until then
It's best to leave her alone

And there's another woman who is stuck at home
After she's done raising her kid
That's when she'll start living her life
Until then
She has no choice but to always keep house
While pushing the things she wants away

If all these people had been given the chance,
They would've definitely loved their lives
and loved the people around them
Their spirits would've been stronger, too
But they waited too long.
Because they all died.

Original poem: http://joungul.co.kr/poem/poem1/%EC%9D%B8%EC%83%9D_41107.asp

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