H1Z1 Team

Addressing the statements made by our H1Z1 Team. We are currently not under a contractual breach with this team even though they are claiming we owe them money, they will be paid according to contracts. The extra 10,000 USD (Which is really 1600 per player x 5 adding up to 8k) that they are saying that we owe them is not even due until the 10th of this month.

Addressing the FFTC payment, i told the team we have had transfer issues with the payout that our bank has completely dropped the ball on and if it was not rectified this week we would be fronting the money until we are able to get those issues sorted. In order to prevent these issues from possibly occurring again we agreed to have the payout from dream hack Atlanta go directly to the players and as apology for the issue agreed to not take our 15% cut from those winnings.

Them trying to shame Denial in public is an attempt to get out of a contract that is not in breach, typically in my experience this is because an org is trying to poach said players and they do not want to deal with a buyout. Our lawyers have been contacted and we will be releasing the team if a solution can not be found, the last thing we want is a team of unhappy players.

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