We are discontinuing our relationship with Denial Esports:

Following a successful campaign with Denial Esports at Fight for the Crown and Dreamhack Atlanta, my teammates and I are choosing to discontinue our relationship with Denial. This decision does not come lightly for us, as we have great respect for all H1Z1 e-sports organizations and we are dedicated to helping the professional H1Z1 scene continue to grow.

We have decided to leave Denial following a significant outstanding amount that is still due to my teammates and I. As of posting this we are owed outstanding arrears totaling $22,700.00, including our Fight for the Crown winnings for the current and past members.

As a team, we discussed that our primary goal is to continue in the H1Z1 and PUBG professional scenes, but we need to be fairly compensated so that we can devote the time and effort required to play at a competitive level. We feel it is in our best interest to continue with a new organization that will fully commit to us as players and to the battle royale genre as a growing e-sport.

We appreciate all of the support from fans and players, and hope to put this behind us as soon as possible.

Media requests can be sent to: justinwnzl@gmail.com

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