Takin' a Break, please RT

While doing an extensive amount of traveling for Smash this summer, I had a lot of realizations about myself and my ambitions within the community. I obviously still feel I can prove myself more as a player, but unfortunately most of my recent events haven’t shown that. I also don’t consider being just a pro player a good long-term future for myself, and so I’ve decided to make some changes.

For the next few months, I don’t plan on competing regularly anymore. I may still enter doubles events, other side events, or enter a tournament competing with secondaries just for fun, but I do not plan on competing seriously in singles for at least two or three months.

Instead, I’ll be focusing on several things, all of which I hope can push me closer to my ultimate goal: I want to work in the esports community, full-time. I hope to be as involved with Smash as I can, but I also intend to broaden my horizons to search for more opportunities in esports in general. This is my long-term goal within the community, and when I’m fully focusing my efforts on being a top competitive player, I feel this can take away from that goal.

My plans are to begin creating much more video content, both on my stream and recorded videos, as well as writing more. I also intend to begin commentating regularly and focusing on commentary at events rather than competing. I believe all of these are my greatest strengths and will put me in a better position as a candidate for an esports company to hire.

I definitely don’t consider this a retirement of any sort. I fully believe that I’ll be competing again in a short few months, but at the moment I feel like I’ve spent too much time focusing on the player aspect of esports and not enough on the other aspects which lend themselves more to working in the industry. I’ll still play on my stream sometimes and try to avoid getting too rusty so that when I do return, I’ll be able to compete at the same level.

That being said, if anyone has any suggestions for me as I attempt to build my resume for esports and work toward acquiring a job within the field, please feel free to let me know. I’ve applied at a few esports companies in the past but I don’t believe I was fully committing myself to the esports industry and I feel I can do much more to make myself a better candidate. Hopefully, in the coming months, people will see that.

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