I am currently under contract with Renegades, but I am able to pursue other teams in the Overwatch League and am interested in setting up trials.

• Primary Role: flex support (Ana, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Sombra)
• Secondary Role: main support (Lucio and Symmetra)
• Team Captain of Renegades
• Proven ability to shot call and target call
• Wide hero pool, including DPS heroes and flex tanks, and am willing to tryout as main support, flex support, and flex tank
• Over a year of continuous, organized professional Overwatch with experience working alongside coaches and analysts
• Recent references available that will confirm that I am a player and leader who promotes harmony, camaraderie, and team building

Please DM me on Discord or Twitter, or contact my agent via email at jason@goape.gg - Retweets appreciated!

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