Mangachu · @Mangachu_

29th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger


While I'm still under contract with Renegades, I've been given permission to tryout and seek opportunities with OWL teams.

- Tier 1 Projectile player, the main role I'm looking to play as
- Very flexible - comfortable with being a secondary hitscan/offtank player
- Played my first esea match in 2012, experienced in the competitive environment
- Experience being a team leader, have been leading Team Canada during the 2017 World cup since the beginning
- Top 500 every season (rank 1 season 2) on my main, as well as top 500 on other accounts
- Can be a target caller if needed.
- Gives good hugs

A few ways to get in contact with me are Discord DMs, Twitter DMs, or you can email my agent at - Retweets appreciated!

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